Anaretic Degree: Natal Planets at 29th Degree Explained (2024)

Anaretic Degree: Natal Planets at 29th Degree Explained (1)

What is Anaretic Degree in Astrology?

Anaretic degree is a planet or angle found at the last degree of any zodiac sign -29°00’00” to 29°59’59”. Some astrologers also include 28 as an anaretic degree as well.

If you are a little familiar with the Anaretic or 29th degree, you know that it often has a bad reputation in the astrology world.

Starting with its name: The word “Anaretic” derives its meaning from Greek word ‘’Anareta”, which is translated as ''destroyer''.

An astrology chart is a 360 degree circle divided into 12 signs and each sign is comprised of 30 degrees. Therefore as 0 degree is the beginning, Anaretic degree marks the end of a chapter. According to traditional astrology, final degrees of all zodiac signs are the terms of malefics or ‘’evil-doers’’- Saturn as the greater Malefic and Mars the lesser.

Anaretic degree is also known as ‘’the degree of fate’’ due to its fatalistic associations. A planet that is in 29 degrees is most likely Void of Course- which means that the planet makes no major aspects to any other planet before leaving the sign it is in. Original term in the Hellenic Astrology was the Greek word ''kenodromia'', translated as ‘’running in the emptiness.’’ Which means no further progress can be expected.

In Horary Astrology, a planet in Anaretic Degree of 29 is in the end of its mission- fate has intervened and all there is to do is to wait.

Whether it is the hands of destiny or not, there is a special importance to the anaretic degree planet/angle in the natal chart.

Whereas with earlier degrees, there is still time to learn and grow, Anaretic degree is in a rush to complete its mission.

On the other hand, there can be a feeling of ‘’been there done that’’ with the planet in 29 degrees. As its approaching the end of its journey, planet gets tired and impatient.

Due to this innate sense of urgency, anaretic degree planet tends to overexert itself. This is often the case when the angle or the planet is activated by an important transit/progression. During these times, anaretic planet can go through significant or ‘’karmic’’ circ*mstances.

Is having a planet at 29 degrees in astrology considered bad?

I don’t personally see Anaretic degree as something purely negative. Anaretic degree planet can certainly manifest its negative traits, especially if it is harshly aspected. It can play out critical moments that sometimes feel beyond our control. But a planet in 29 degrees is also at the peak of its wisdom. And how can we grow if there is no challenge?

I think a more constructive way of looking at it is that we can use the full potential of anaretic degree planet when we learn the important lessons it presents us.

If you have more than one anaretic degree in your natal chart, you are more likely going to feel like an old soul. You have a significant purpose in achieving mastery in more than one area of life.

Anaretic Degree Planets in the Natal Chart

Interpreting Anaretic degree requires a lot of information. In a natal chart, house that the Anaretic degree planet or angle is in points to what are of life it is going to manifest itself, and the sign shows the nature of it. Furthermore, aspects to that planet will give more information on how things will play out.

As an example- A 29th degree Sun in Scorpio 7th house person puts an intense focus on relationships and partnerships. One on one relationships play an important part in their personal development, and with Scorpio energy- they want to explore their connections things in depth. They may also experience frequent karmic endings and dissolutions in their 7th house matters.

Natal Sun at 29th degree:

If you have your Sun at the 29th degree, your ego development becomes a critical mission in your life. You are most likely a natural leader and you like to be at the centre of stage.

You are mastering authentic self expression- With this important mission there can be some challenges/karmic experiences that come with it. These issues can be about an identity crisis, father figure, authority, or your vital energy.

With your natal Sun in the Anaretic degree- the energy you exert out to the world can be too much or too little. For example, you may be craving the spotlight too much, or on the opposite end, dislike receiving attention from others. You may also be prone to exhaustion. If your Sun is mostly negatively aspected in the natal chart, anaretic degree can emphasize negative Sun traits.

Natal Moon at 29th degree:

With your Moon in 29th degree, emotional development is critical in this lifetime. Anaretic Moon generally represents an end of an emotional chapter. It may represent a crisis/fated event about mother figure, family, roots, domestic life which holds an important lesson for you.

There is a sense of urgency to find emotional safety according to your needs. With a 29th degree Moon, emotional energy can be too much or too little. Especially if your Moon is harshly aspected, you may struggle with controlling or expressing your emotions.

Natal Mercury at 29th degree:

With your Mercury at 29th degree, you are learning the last important lessons on your mental processes and communication. One of it is building mental and communicative strength and trusting your mind.

You are likely to be a deep thinker, but you may struggle voicing your opinions at times. The house your Mercury is in can tell you about the area of life that you put your mental focus on. Karmic events or problems can manifest itself in learning, education, mental health, or self expression- especially if your Anaretic Mercury is harshly aspected. You may also be prone to mental exhaustion, indecision or overthinking.

Natal Venus at 29th degree:

Learning about relationships and self worth is a big focus in this lifetime. With 29th degree Venus, you may either be too dependent on others, or avoid love all together. Anaretic degree natal Venus can represent a crisis, ending or karmic event that is meant to help you understand your values, needs and desires. If you keep falling for the wrong kind of people, struggle relating to others or feeling exhausted about relationships, analyze your Venus further- House, sign, aspects can give you a bigger picture on the Anaretic lesson.

Natal Mars at 29th degree:

Your natal Mars is your drive, energy and sexuality. In the final or 29th degree, Mars energy is either too much or too little. Too aggressive vs. too passive, too impulsive vs hesitant, etc.

Mars in 29th Degree can also represent critical/karmic moments or endings in your life- which can be analyzed on which house and sign your Mars is in.

When you pinpoint the issue, you can focus on bringing balance in this area. Main lesson on 29 degree Mars is to pay attention to your actions, build a healthy confidence and critical thinking skills.

Natal Jupiter at 29th degree:

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. Your natal Jupiter at 29 degree indicates that you are maturing in your Jupiter cycle and learning important spiritual lessons in this lifetime.

Endings and struggles are often indicated with the 29th degree. House and sign it is in can give you a more personalized answer- but generally speaking, these lessons can be about higher learning, travel, prosperity and wisdom.

With anaretic degree natal Jupiter, there can be a tendency to either overextend or constrict yourself in life. You can be too optimistic or pessimistic. You may put too much focus on learning everything, broadening your horizons to the max, or the exact opposite. Therefore, the main lesson here is moderation.

Natal Saturn at 29th degree:

Both the natal Saturn and 29th degree focuses on the theme of maturity and karma. Therefore Saturn in Anaretic degree amplifies the importance of how you handle responsibilities, your sense of discipline and authority.

With the 29th degree, you may experience Saturnian struggles, restrictions and endings in the house/sign that Saturn is in. These experiences may be highly karmic, or beyond your control. If your Saturn is also harshly aspected, you may have a more negative Saturn experience.

Overall, there is a need to find a steady pace in life- as 29 degree Saturn energy can either burden themselves too much, or neglect their obligations all together.

Natal Uranus at 29th degree:

Anaretic degree Uranus energy can manifest itself in two extremes- You may either be too conventional and rigid in your ways, or too rebellious and all over the place.

If you are the first- main lesson with your Uranus at 29th degree is to learn progressive thinking. Don’t be afraid to explore out of the box time to time.

If it is the latter, you may need to slow down a little and invite some stability into your life. Main lesson here is to find a balance between conformity and individuality.

Natal Neptune at 29th degree:

Having your natal Neptune in 29th degrees means that you are mastering your last Neptunian lessons.

You may either have a tendency to escape the real world problems, getting lost in the delusions, or reject your imagination and fantasy.

Depending on the house and sign your Neptune is in, you may experience struggles and endings in that area. The main lesson here is to find a realistic attitude in life, while indulging in Neptunian ideals and dreams time to time.

Natal Pluto at 29th degree:

Pluto is the planet of power and transformation- so your Natal Pluto at 29th degree indicates that you are at the end of a Plutonian chapter in your life. You may experience karmic/difficult situations that puts your Pluto to the test.

With an Anaretic degree Pluto, you may be afraid of transformations, or you may feel an unconscious urge to make fundamental changes in your life. Power struggles can be a real issue with others.

The house and sign your Pluto is in can give you a more personalized answer- but the main lesson

with Pluto at 29th degree is to find your inner power and focus on transforming yourself for the better.

Natal North Node at 29th degree:

Your North Node points to the spiritual journey- what you need to learn and experience in this lifetime in order to grow.

Having your North Node at 29th degree suggests that your soul wants to focus on your karmic duties. There is a spiritual sense of urgency and purpose. You may experience karmic situations or endings that teach you important lessons on your North Node goal. The house that your North Node is in can show you which area of life you are going to be focusing on, and the sign can tell you about the nature of your soul mission.




Anaretic Degree: Natal Planets at 29th Degree Explained (2024)
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