Winter Squash Casserole With Rosemary Recipe (2024)

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debbie stl

If you stab the squash for air vents and put the
squash in the microwave for 5 min depending on the strength of your makes it a lot easier to peel and cut. Cutting a hard squash can be dangerous .

Julia Moskin

There seems to be some variation in cooking times for different squash, and in how large different cooks are cutting the pieces.
If exact times don't help, think about the three stages:
1) Bake, covered, until tender but still firm
2) Uncover and bake until very soft
3) Broil just before serving

Sam R

Absolutely delicious! The ginger gave some warmth, and the garlic and rosemary were in perfect proportion. I really liked the finished texture, too with a slight bit of golden crunch on the outside like home fries. Made for a lovely presentation. My baking times were 45 minutes covered, and 20 minutes uncovered, but I accidentally cut my cubes slightly smaller. I also used slightly less oil as is my preference. I sprinkled some fresh-grated parmesan on at the very end. Yum! This is a keeper!


Has anyone tried this with sweet potatoes or yams? How is the baking, etc., adjusted if you make it with those veggies rather than winter squash? (Julia- any thoughts?)

Caven Mcloughlin

The issue of timing has caused problems for 50%+ of note-posters. I made it exactly as suggested as per ingredients. But, I cooked the squash on a sheet pan for 35-mins uncovered at 350 f degrees ~~ and the texture was perfect; then items were placed into a casserole dish for the next day's serving. Final prep was just 15-mins to reheat/finish the dish. Simpler process IMHO.


The cooking time is WAY too long. Cook covered, then uncover at high temp to brown. I cooked covered for an hour, then uncovered for 15 minutes.

Italian cook

Hi. If you press the link to open recipe in your browser the doses show correctly. 1/8 teaspoon for the cornstarch and 1/3 cup for the oil.

Julia Moskin

I haven't had that problem, but one thing about squash: you have to wait for the oven to be completely hot before putting it in. Otherwise it does become sludgy. I hope that the final baking/broiling, with the dish uncovered, might have solved the liquid problem?

Susan Lopez

Followed recipe exactly and the cubes came out really gummy. They crisped under the broiler but they were still gummy. I much prefer the conventional roasting method without the flour/cornstarch.

Betsy Comeau

Cubed a butternut squash and left out the flour cornstarch mixture coating, just tossed the cubes on a baking sheet, brushed with a mixture of olive oil-(about a 1/4 cup), added 1 tsp. dried ginger and 6 minced cloves of garlic and dried rosemary pulverized in a pestle/mortar, dash of sea salt and oh man! My daughter and I could not stop nibbling on them before dinner when i took out these cubes of tasty, mouth melting ,swoon-worthy perfection!


Reading all the comments, I decided to make some alterations, which means I didn't really follow the recipe. I'd like to share, though, that I cubed the butternut to 3/4 inch, tossed with oil, the minced rosemary, minced garlic, ginger powder, and s&p. Roasted on sheet pan at 400 for 20 minutes. Very nice result.

Barbara Wheeler

Peel delicata squash? How would you do that? It's ribbed and not thick-walled. Besides, the skins are edible, like potato skins. We think of delicata and sweet dumpling as semi-winter squash for that reason--flesh like winter squash but edible skins like summer.

David Look

Julia says the cubes are about 1 1/2 inches. There is no need to cut them terribly evenly as they will eventually soften and mix together into rough chunks.


Most winter squash doesn't need to be peeled, and you get more nutrients from the peel. The exceptions seem to be spaghetti squash and squash with very shiny skin. Heres a link to an artcile on this:


Clarification is necessary: ? tbsp cornstarch and ? cup plus 2 tbsp olive oil for ingredients??? Sounds more like a crossword puzzle than a recipe! Please advise.


Since hubs and I are off conventional flour, etc., I coated with hazelnut flour and nutritional yeast. Came out just fine.


Could one use grated fresh ginger instead of ground?

woody rd

Good flavor, but cooked much too long and squash became mushy. Will probably reduce the covered cooking time to 20-30 minutes next time I prepare this recipe.


Delicious, but-way too much garlic for my taste. I used 4 cloves but next time I’ll use only 2. I used precut and peeled squash and it nice and soft after only one hour. I took the foil off and put it in a 350 oven for ten minutes, it was perfectly cooked. I’ll definitely make this again.

Samantha C.

This is an excellent recipe. I would give it five stars but the cook timing is a little bit tricky and so you have to really be paying attention rather than set a timer and go.


Made this with 1/2 acorn squash and 1/2 beets. Subbed kale (dressed with oil & bit of grated parmesan) for parsley, used dried rosemary, and added thyme pinch nutmeg. Added more kale before 2nd bake & sprinkled w/ furikake. Didn't cover for first bake (oops) at 325 for 1.25 hrs. 2nd bake at 350 convection 30 min. Beets were firm but cooked, squash was perfectly soft. Delicious.


8 cups is 6 delicata


6 delicata for 8 cupsCook less


Used 4 cups delicata 4 cups buttercup @1 cup sweet potato. Roasted @75 minutes under foil—could use less time. Added @1 cup cauliflower olive oil, roasted 20 minutes more, & topped with Gorgonzola. Nice!


I haven't had that problem, but one thing about squash: you have to wait for the oven to be completely hot before putting it in. Otherwise it does become sludgy. I hope that the final baking/broiling, with the dish uncovered, might have solved the liquid problem?


11/6/21 - Made with 1 small butternut, 1 large delicata, 1 avg acorn.Pan was too crowded. Used dried cumin instead of seeds, lost some flavor or didn't use enough.Good, not great. Would try again.


Delicious haddock fillets with chives. Oil is outrageously excessive. I had the butter ready, but never used. I put three tablespoons of olive oil in the pan forfour 5.5 ounce fillets. Using the recipe, I should have doubled to six tablespoons. One tablespoon would have been enough. So much of the three tablespoons of oil remains, we could cook a dozen eggs in the leftover oil tomorrow morning.

Jim from Santa Cruz, CA

Served this at a party and it was a huge hit. I used honey nut (it's like a small butter nut but sweeter and tastier) and delicata squash. I love garlic, so I almost doubled the amount called for in the recipe. No one said it was too garlicy. To reduce the oven cooking time by about 1/2, I cooked small batches of the cubed squash in the microwave for about 4 mins each batch. This can be handy if you need to serve the dish in short order. It also reduces the use of fossil fuel.


can you use on instant pot


How to peel

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Winter Squash Casserole With Rosemary Recipe (2024)
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