Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (2024)

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We love a Super Bowl party, regardless of who’s playing. But let’s be real: Typically, we’re there for the food. Yet this year is different because now, we’re also here for Taylor Swift. We’ve seen her root on her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, at a fair few of their games this season, and we’re really hoping to see her at Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday, too. (She’s performing a concert in Tokyo that might keep her from making it to Las Vegas in time; but the Embassy of Japan went so far as to release a statement saying, “…if she departs Tokyo in the evening after her concert, she should comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl begins.”)

Either way, if you’re thinking of hosting a Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl party this weekend, there are plenty of fixings — and by that, we mean Chiefs and 49ers friendship bracelets (you do you), a hand heart decoration, Taylor Swift-inspired curly straws, and of course, Heinz’s Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. Let your Swiftie flag fly with these 11 items, all of them under $30.

Kansas City Chiefs Friendship Bracelets (3-Pack)

We wouldn’t feel right at a T-Swift-themed party without having some on-theme friendship bracelets. And right now, you can get a pack of three on Amazon to support the Chiefs and/or the 49ers.

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Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (1)

Taylor Swift-Inspired Banner

If you’re less interested in the sport than you are catching sight of Taylor, show off your Swiftie pride instead with this banner inspired by her albums.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (2)

Hand Heart Gold Decor

We know our girl loves a good hand heart — and you can get this pretty gold one to use as a table centerpiece or decor. If gold isn’t your vibe, though, you can choose from 12 other colors. Set it up near the food and/or co*cktails, or use it as an accent on your TV stand so your guests don’t forget who we’re really here for.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (3)

Football Party Supplies Kit (Set of 36)

While these aren’t directly Swift-related, we know Taylor enjoys a game-day snack like the rest of us. And we like to think she’d approve of these football-themed boxes. This set allows your guests to choose whether they want a classic football or a field design to store their chips, dips, wings, and pizza in. For under $25, you get 36 boxes.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (4)

Taylor Swift-Inspired Straws (Pack of 24)

Level up your red Solo cup with one of these curly straws. In this pack, you’ll get 24 straws with six animated versions of Taylor to choose from, including nods to albums like Red and 1989.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (5)

Heart Sunglasses (Pack of 6)

Because it would be weird to watch TV inside with sunglasses on, this is our more practical homage to Taylor Swift’s iconic heart sunglasses in the “22” music video. You can cop this set of six in cherry red or light pink for just $13.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (6)

Taylor Coffee Mug

If your Super Bowl party is really just you and a couple of friends, surprise them with matching Swiftie mugs. Available in purple, white, black, or pink, these insulated mugs keep your beer, soda, or co*cktail cold.

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Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (7)

Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch

Game day calls for condiments. And if you’re throwing a Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl party, you have to have Heinz’s Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. We don’t make the rules.

Remember back in the fall when this photo of Taylor Swift at a game with a plate of chicken, ketchup, and, as @tswifterastour on X wrote, “seemingly ranch” popped off? Well, now here we are with a bottle of Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch ready for our Super Bowl party.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (8)

The Big Game Taylor Bowl Bingo 2024

A good game of bingo can help liven up the festivities. And this Taylor Swift-inspired one will keep you on your toes. When you buy, you get 20 of these cards as a digital download so you can print them out for a last-minute activity.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (9)

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Cupcake Toppers

This Super Bowl, we’re #TeamTaylor, and these cupcake toppers show it. Whether you’re making half a dozen cupcakes or a major 24, this sub-$5 digital download has got you since you can easily print off just the right amount (they come in batches of six).

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (10)

Taylor Swift-Inspired Super Bowl Food Tents

Swift-ify your food table with these fan-forward labels. There are 16 for Super Bowl favorites like hot dogs, wings, nachos, pizza, and even drinks that riff off Taylor’s songs.

Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (11)

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Your Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Party Needs These 11 Items (2024)


What is the Taylor Swift Super Bowl menu? ›

According to content creator Luke Sawhook, who shared a sneak peek of the offerings on TikTok, fans who shell out $2.5 million will also get souvenir popcorn, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, BBQ burnt-end burritos, carne asada fries, and frozen cheesecake, as well as a surf and turf nachos and a wagyu-loaded hot dog that's ...

How do you throw a Taylor Swift Super Bowl party? ›

Use red, gold and white decorations

If you're looking to throw your own Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl party, then chances are you'll be rooting on Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. So make sure you incorporate red and yellow décor throughout the party, including table covers, streamers and balloons.

What do you need for a Super Bowl party? ›

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Checklist
  1. A chips sampler. Tortilla chips. ...
  2. Buffalo chicken wings.
  3. co*cktail sausages.
  4. Hot dog.
  5. Hamburger.
  6. Chili.
  7. Dip. ...
  8. Meatballs (put a bag of frozen meatballs, a jar of grape jelly, and a bottle of bbq sauce in the crockpot and cook for 4 hours on low)

What are the top 5 Super Bowl party foods? ›

Top Five Super Bowl Foods
  • #1 Chicken Wings: The Unrivaled Super Bowl Food MVP. When it comes to Super Bowl snacking, chicken wings have long been crowned the most popular super bowl food. ...
  • #2 Everything Bagel. ...
  • #3 Cola Chicken. ...
  • #4 Buffalo Cauliflower. ...
  • #5 Air Fryer Taquitos.
Jan 6, 2024

What is Taylor Swift's favorite snack? ›

All Swifties know that Taylor loves chicken tenders. She has listed the crispy fried chicken as her favorite food in almost every interview she has ever done. She was even seen eating some chicken strips recently at a Kansas City Chiefs Game. We love chicken strips too, Taylor!

What food to serve at a Taylor Swift party? ›

Taylor Swift Food Ideas

Like chai cookies! And chicken tenders (recipe at the bottom of the post) with seemingly ranch! Maybe serve them up with some tayter tots or tayter tot casserole! My friend Karli made these Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce friendship bracelet cookies filled with Karam-el and they look amazing!

Why did Taylor Swift pull out of Super Bowl? ›

Swift declined, however, purportedly because she was in the thick of rerecording the albums she made for Big Machine Records, her response to Scooter Braun acquiring the rights to her back catalogue when his company Ithaca Holdings bought the label in 2019.

What is the best outfit for Super Bowl party? ›

Start with a pair of cute black jeans and a T-shirt, for instance, and then add a sweater, boots and outerwear in red, white or gold. “If you plan to watch the game at a sports bar, then the ideal outfit would be Chiefs or 49ers brand Ts and sweatshirts.

Can I call my party a Super Bowl party? ›

They are not allowed to use the term “Super Bowl” in any advertisem*nt because the NFL simply owns the trademark. It's why you see restaurants and bars advertising parties by using the words "The Big Game".

Should you bring something to a Super Bowl party? ›

Encourage your guests to bring their own snacks and drinks to share. By preplanning and working ahead, you can enjoy the time with your guests (and some chicken wings while you're at it) and enjoy the game.

What is a good Super Bowl menu? ›

A good buffet for Super Bowl Sunday might include a variety of finger foods and snacks, such as wings, nachos, sliders, dips (like guacamole and salsa), and a vegetable tray. Additionally, you could consider offering heartier options like chili or meatballs for a more filling meal.

What is the #1 Super Bowl food? ›

1 In 7 Americans Order Take Out

"But what are people ordering for their Super Bowl watch parties?" is a question you may ask yourself because you're looking to create a game day menu. The three most popular Super Bowl dishes people order are pizza, chicken wings, and chips with dips.

What are the top 2 Super Bowl snacks? ›

To help plan your game day menu, we've rounded up some of our favorite Super Bowl appetizers that are sure to be a hit. These are the classic foods like Buffalo wings and nachos — plus more than a few innovative ideas, such as fried potato salad bites and a pimento cheese bar — that'll make your spread a success.

Does Taylor Swift have a box at the Super Bowl? ›

Taylor Swift hosted a star-studded VIP box at Monday's Super Bowl flanked by her A-list inner circle. The US singer flew into Las Vegas from Tokyo, Japan just hours before her boyfriend Travis Kelce took to the field with the Kansas City Chiefs as they took on the San Francisco 49ers Sunday afternoon, local time.

Did Taylor Swift get a suite at the Super Bowl? ›

A video uploaded to social media offers a tour of one of Allegiant Stadium's glamorous suites, where Swift and Travis Kelce's friends and family viewed the game.

How much is a hot dog at the Super Bowl? ›

Super Bowl concessions prices: $17 Bud Lights, $13 hot dogs destroy wallets for the big game.

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